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Saborna Crkva

    • Belgrade Fortress
    • Prince Michael Street
    • Palace (Konak) of Princes Ljubica
    • Orthodox Cathedral
    • Patriarchy
  • Restaurant Question Mark – Kafana „?“
  • Kosančićev venac Street
  • The Student Square
  • The Republic Square, main street – Terazije

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BELGRADE FORTRESS situated on the hill just over confluence Sava River in Danube River, during his 2 millennium history, always attracted not only conquerors and warriors, then famous builders, artists, and travel writers.
PRNCE MIHAILO STREET is main city artery and most attractive pedestrian and shopping area. Impressive buildings from the end of XIX century makes that the street is protect as cultural treasury from the state.
PALACE of PRINCSS LJUBICA (KONAK KNEGINJE LJUBICE) was built by order of Prince Miloš, in 1829, for accommodation of his family, wife princess Ljubica and sons Milan and Michael; at that time the size aloud to be named “palace”. Today, there is museum with ethnographic exposition of urban hoses interior in Serbia from XIX century.
PATRIARCHY, project of Russian architect Lukomskiy, beside of its main function consists also Museum of Serbian Orthodox church.
THE QUESTION MARK RESTAURANT – KAFANA “?” is oldest, preserved restaurant, existed from 1825. Funny name came later, after that Cathedral was appeared, owner gave the name “At the Cathedral”, but city and church authorities have forbidden that name, hereby it connects the restaurant with church. Temporary name “?“, until it was found new, became permanent.
KOSANČIĆEV VENAC STREET (Wreath of Ivan Kosančić) covered with cobblestone represent the part of the city preserving form of Serbian towns from the first part of XIX century.
THE STUDENT SQUARE, once Turkish cemetery, then big green market, is nice organized area with park in the middle surrounded with Ethnographic museum, buildings of several faculties: Natural sciences, Mathematics, Philosophy and Human sciences, Faculty of Philology, representative Captain Miša buildings, nowadays Belgrade University administrative building, and building of Ilia Kolarac Foundation.
THE REPUBLIC SQUARE is one of main city squares around which are National Theatre, National Museum, monuments of Prince Michael Obrenović and Serbian comedy writer Branislav Nušić.
TERAZIJE, today, the city center, named by scale for weighting, near of a water tower on that place; Turks called it “Terazije”. In that time was officially organized weighting of all the goods at the entrance in the town, which was there.